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US Arts Education Center

The Best Fine Arts Education for Your Child
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Why Choose US Arts? What Makes Us Different?
At U.S. Arts, we provide an ideal learning environment and our students are taught by a group of elite fine arts educators with emphasis on a combination of Eastern and Western teaching styles and methods. We have established a proven system and curriculum with 18+ years of experience. All of our courses are designed in a step-by-step sequence to assure success for all students. All of our classes are in small sizes to ensure the teaching quality and individual attention for each of our students.

Our goals

- Encourage artistic creativity in youth

- Provide professional training to help develop talent

- Enhance problem-solving and critical thinking skills

- Increase appreciation for arts

We believe the importance of having a strong foundation in the basic principles and skills of art for students. With a solid foundation, students will be able to succeed in the advanced areas of art, as well as all other fields of study.

Our teachers spend time guiding each student through his/her progress for both short term and long term success. We also focus on developing students' creativity and imagination.