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Professor Jianxin Zhao, is an accomplished artist and educator, born into a family of artists. A former university professor of Fine Arts, she studied under outstanding faculties of the Chinese Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, specializing in Gongbi Figure Painting, and attained considerable achievement and recognition for her work. Her series of national award winning paintings "Endless Thought Before Marriage," "Elegant," and "Joyful" have been chosen to be a part of the permanent collection of the National Art Museum of China and received much critical acclaim. 

​Since 1982, Prof. Zhao has been engaged in Fine Arts education in universities. In 1995, she immigrated to the United States, and started a whole new chapter of her life-long pursuit of Fine Arts education. Overcoming many obstacles, she founded US Fine Art Education Center in Temple City, and dedicated her life to the youth arts education cause. After more than a dozen years of cultivating young children to achieve their best through fine arts, she has led US Fine Art Education Center to become a definitive leader in the field of arts education.

Prof. Zhao has always focused on building a research capable team of faculty educators, and led them to innovate and developed the CTA (Comprehensive Training in Art) formal Fine Art education system. Her commitment to nurturing and developing our future generations to be outstanding talents of the world guides this establishment to continued success.

Jianxin Zhao, Founder & Principal

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