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More detailed figures, ideas, and stories are formed at this age. Basic perspective, overlapping objects, and shading techniques are introduced to students. Drawing and coloring refinement is emphasized as much as expression of unique ideas.

Students become more independent and confident in exploring and refining their skills and techniques in a variety of media. Emphasis is placed on student designed projects which continue to build their skills and their portfolios.

San Diego

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We are proud to share the work of our talented students
​and to show you how we focus our teaching.

Diamond Bar

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We teach our youngest students how to compose their images line by line and shape by shape to create images in context to a whole composition. Students will gain an understanding of the drawing process by incorporating basic shapes, colors, and a variety of materials into their drawings. 

We improve visualization and drawing skills through real-life, observational drawing exercises and assignments. Particular attention is given to accurate, quick sketching techniques of both objects in space, negative space, and the surrounding environments. Line, tone, and color are explored.

Ages 4 & Up



Temple City - Headquarters

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Students begin to focus on learning how to depict realism correctly in their work--studying value, more advanced color theory, and learning new techniques for seeing and drawing. They also will begin experimenting with new materials such as shading pencils and watercolor. Starting off with basic geometric forms, students begin to learn how they can use this as a basis for drawing anything they wish.